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eSmart Properties is an innovative real estate company which aims to operate as a “Smart Site”, an all in one platform providing transparency, efficiency, and a fast service for real estate owners, investors, and end-users."

This website was created with our more than 10 years of experience in the real estate market to assist you in finding properties that fit your needs, be it buying, selling, or investing in the UAE.


We aim to work in line with HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid’s vision for Dubai and make it a “Smart City” by providing a platform for any individual to view a selection of real estate options in Dubai.

Our Vision is to provide an easy to use website, for all access, from anywhere and with any smart device for those who want to start on the property ladder or increase their portfolio, as well as landlords to rent their property and tenants.


Our mission is to provide you exceptional professional real estate services to match your needs and dreams. We will guide you to the property that suits your purpose best, using an efficient, transparent, and timely process that works for you. We will provide this by sharing our knowledge, information with clarity to assist you.

Unique features such as being able view properties with a 360-degree view, real time location view and other features of the website enable you to have a live experience of the property.

Owners will have full management of their properties enabling them to reach their end-users directly throughout the process.