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General Questions

In order to Register, you need to click "LOGIN". In that section, you will see the login form and the signup form. Fill up the required fields for identification. Also, don't forget to read and accept the Terms and conditions. Once you are done, click "Submit". The administrator will verify your registration within 24 Hours.
In order to use this feature, you must register on the site first. Make sure that the email address you are using, is the same email address for your social media accounts e.g. facebook and google+. This feature will be an alternative login for the site.
It is an online portal for home Owners, Landlords, and Owner Representatives to enable them to reach Tenants and Buyers for their properties.
Simply upload your property details on to the website by visiting your profile page, and clicking on the "Property" section. Then, you will see "Add Properties". Complete all required information on the form. Also, don't forget to upload your Passport copy, National ID, and Title Deed or Power of Attorney (POA) for verification of the property ownership.
Power is a notarized letter of authority given by a person or a company having capability to another person or a company, which allows them to act for and on behalf of them in various government departments and for contractual purposes.
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If you are selling a property which is not ready or "off-plan", project number is required.
In order to get the project number, you can contact and ask the developer of the property to get it or Click here to check it online.
The administrator will check and verify it within 24-hours.
We don't actually refuse any listings unless the details do not match or the ownership of the unit cannot be verified. The administrator will send you an email regarding additional requirements for verification purposes. Once you have corrected or completed the additional requirements, the administrator will review and notify you of the approval.
Landscape-oriented photos are recommended for optimal results. Height or width should not more than 5000 pixels. The photos should clearly visible.
Option 1: If you have an off-plan property, you can request better quality pictures from the developer.
Option 2: You can make a request for 360-degree photo shoot by our team.